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About Me

My name is Jill Emberson and I’m a journalistic kind of communicator. Everything is a story. This blog space is for my story – personal reflections from my life as a brown-skinned Aussie girl growing up in the western suburbs of Sydney in the 60s when the White Australia Policy was alive and kicking. A child of the Colombo Plan designed to sponsor Africans and Pacific Islanders into Australian universities, raised by a single mum, becoming a single mum myself, finding the man of my dreams, buying the house of our dreams and then getting ovarian cancer just as approval came through for our renovations. “Let’s do the bloody thing,” I insisted. So we labelled them “chemo-vations” increased our home loan and spent a year between sawdust at home and toxic chemicals in the hospital. Now we’re sitting back and enjoying the sunny embrace of our home and what life we have to share.


More About this Blog

My writing is usually done to be spoken on my ABC radio show in Newcastle. With this blog I want to explore some other ways of writing. I’ll write about a range of things that might interest you: family life; professional life; living with ovarian cancer and a little bit of politics thrown in for good measure.



You can contact me via this website or at


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